Track Your Mail & Lift Response Rates 23-46% with our Omnichannel Marketing Platform for Pennies Per Piece


SynergyMail makes direct mail the most effective form of advertising by integrating it with cutting-edge digital marketing technology.


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13 Technologies: 4 Bundled Platforms to Choose From



Match Facebook and Instagram accounts to the mailing list to deliver social ads to feeds before, during, and after the mailer hits.


Mail Tracking


Know exactly when a mail campaign hits mailboxes, export delivery lists, and receive non-scan data down to the individual mail piece.


QR Codes


Maximize engagement with static or personalized QR Codes. Increase and track the response to mail through our custom reporting dashboard to see various types of scan data including who scanned.


Informed Delivery®


Through Informed Delivery® integration, add an additional touchpoint and full color clickable ad through the USPS’s daily mail preview sent via email. Receive a list of who on the mailing list received the email, opened it, and clicked on the ad to show campaign attribution.


Call & Text Tracking


Track campaign effectiveness by recording every call/text that comes in as a result of the mail campaign, with contact information of respondents when available. Engage prospects and drive incremental conversions by delivering coupons and URLs via SMS from the same call/text tracking number.


Online Follow-Up


Re-engage website visitors who left without converting by reminding them of their interest through retargeting ads on the Google Display Network.


Social Media Follow-Up


Re-engage website visitors who left without converting by reminding them of their interest through retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram.




Receive a list of anonymous website visitors and direct mail recipients who went to the website that includes contact information and what actions they took to build 9-18% response mailing lists and prove direct mail campaign attribution.


YouTube Ads


Capture attention and cut through the clutter with dynamic video instream ads. Serve video ads before users play their favorite YouTube videos to engage the audience.



Discovery Advertising


Serve ads across Google feed environments including the Google Discover feed, YouTube homepage, and the promotions tab in Gmail.


Social Media Geotargeting


Display ads through Facebook and Instagram to direct mail recipients, lookalike and affinity audiences geographically based on the mailing list target areas, keywords and keyphrases, and search/browsing history.


Google Geotargeting


Display ads in the Google Display Network to direct mail recipients, lookalike and affinity audiences geographically based on the mailing list target areas, keywords and keyphrases, and search/browsing history.


Addressable Geo


Geofence the residential or business address of mail recipients to serve ads through the display network to all devices at the address. Track conversions to the website with our sophisticated pixel technology or by foot traffic in stores or commerce locations through device pings.


Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work, how can you achieve that lift?

We achieve the lift through a utility patent pending, synergistic and simultaneous deployment of up to 13 different technologies. This includes Mail Tracking, Informed Delivery via the USPS, QR Codes, Call and Text Response Tracking, SocialMatch (customer audience), Online and Social Media Follow-Up (retargeting), Geotargeting with Google and Social Ads, Google Discovery Ads which includes Gmail and YouTube, Addressable Geo and LEADMatch which allows you to retarget your anonymous online visitors, as well as attribute who from the mailing went to the website. In short this is a 30-day, omnichannel campaign designed around your direct mail piece to provide maximum response, lift and trackability.


I’m already doing some of these things, why would I need to do this with you?

Are you sure you’re already doing some of these things? Yes, most companies have sophisticated and well-developed digital and social campaigns; a very small fraction of marketers are running true omnichannel campaigns that integrate specifically with their direct mail and if they are, the turnkey marketing automation platform and price point is extremely desirable. This is NOT a replacement for your digital marketing campaigns. This is specifically designed to improve the lift and tracking on your direct mail through proven methods, as well as enable a much better view on what is working with direct mail and what isn’t. So besides lift, it offers real time attribution and transparency into your direct mail campaigns’ effectiveness and justifies the budget and effort for your company, for pennies per piece mailed.


I don’t want to work with multiple vendors, why does this make sense?

We can and do work with many printers already. If you have a printer you are already working with we will work directly with them. Additionally we advocate a test before jumping all-in with this or any new marketing effort. We can recommend a printer that is well versed in the needs of this product if you like as well. Our team is here to do the heavy lifting, the last thing we want to do is make your life more complicated.


I have strict privacy concerns, is this safe?

We are extremely privacy conscious and work with many clients who have sensitive privacy concerns. Our campaigns comply with most privacy requirements and legal restrictions. To launch a campaign we only need a processed mailing list and a couple pieces of creative. No need to share any other targeting information with us. You can get more granular, if you would like, but it is not required. We do not need PII to launch a campaign and we don’t collect or store PII on your customers or prospects. Here is a link to our privacy and security documents with more information.

Privacy Policy


How much does it cost?

We charge based on the number of pieces being mailed. This can range anywhere from 5 cents per piece up to 20 cents per piece depending on the size of the mailing and what services are added or included. There are no set up fees or subscription fees to get started. You pay for what you mail and the campaign services you want included. To get an exact quote, contact one of our Marketing & Sales Consultants at or use the chat link on the lower right of this page.


Do you provide the mailing list and creative?

At this time this is not included in the marketing package, but as direct mail marketing experts we can provide this service to you at an additional charge or through one of our approved vendors. We have access to numerous sources to help you obtain these services. In most cases the printer you have been using or will use can provide the creative services and list procurement.


What do I need to in order to allow your team to execute digital campaigns on our behalf?

There are 3 basic things needed to launch the campaign:

1) Processed mailing list ready to mail.
2) 3-4 creative assets for use in the digital ad campaign that is creatively similar to the pieces being mailed.
3) Code placed on your company’s website and permissions to display ads as a third party through your FB Business Page (NOT admin access) so we can launch ads on your behalf and track the results.


Is there a guarantee?

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees in marketing. That being said we have typically seen most campaigns achieve at least a 23-46% lift when using our service versus ink on paper alone. Some campaigns achieve much higher results but this will vary based on creative, website, internal process, audience and the call to action.

Our team monitors campaign results weekly and can make adjustments to improve the effectiveness if there is low performance or an issue. We know our process works and want you to see the results we see with most campaigns so we will do everything possible to ensure that happens, you are happy and repeat the process.


Do I have to mail or can I run your platform on a records list?

We absolutely can add our platform and run a campaign for a records list that isn’t mailing.